Christ Lutheran Church
Monday, March 30, 2020

Visualize Campaign

Stories of Generosity


Visualize the kind of ministry CLC could have when we drastically reduce, if not entirely eliminate, our annual debt service of $152,772 per year ($12,731 monthly). Dream about what ministry and mission would look like then. Envision the ways our ministry and congregation will grow in Highlands Ranch and far beyond Colorado. Have hope for what will happen when we go beyond our fears and take risks to share God’s love with each other and strangers in exciting new ways. Visualize about what lies beyond today. Can you see it?

We urge you to prayerfully read the prospectus that outlines the hopes, dreams, and vision of the Visualize Campaign. Inside you will learn about the details and how they all come together to paint a picture of CLC for the future. We hope you recognize this campaign is very different from any others in the past.

Stories of Generosity

Need some insights on giving?
Take a look at the weekly bulletin inserts featuring "Six Steps to Joyful Giving", by Dr. Bob Gronlund, that remind us that generosity is a faith practice:


Will you prayerfully consider how you will help bring to reality the vision that we all have for CLC and its ministries by making a generous gift or commitment to this multi-year effort?

Stories of Generosity


Our fully-funded goals sets in motion a virtuous

cycle for a healthy CLC that is perpetually ready
to act on God's next step.