Christ Lutheran Church
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Worship Times
5pm- Traditional
8am- Traditional with Celebration Choir
9:30am- Contemporary with Crossroads Band
11:00am- Contemporary with Praise Team
8997 S. Broadway
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Hours of Operation:
M-F: 9:00am - 3:00pm
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Thank you for the many ways that you support Christ Lutheran Church. 
Why Pledge?
Fact: We need approximately $18,300 PER WEEK in order to pay bills, salaries, and support all of our mission and ministry activities.
Fact: We are frequently short from this amount.
Fact: Only 29% of our members pledge or commit to financial contributions. This makes planning, budgeting and paying bills extremely difficult and incredibly stressful.
Fact: This can be SOLVED with 100% participation in making financial commitments.
Pledge because
     - It makes planning easier
     - It's the right thing to do
     - It helps keep all our missions and ministries
     - It gives us a beautiful, safe, clean and common place to worship, get assistance, and play!
We need time, talents, and treasure to continue being US!
We are different:
Our congregation is known as a community where:
     - all are and feel welcome
     - people experience Christ through dynamic worship
     - our intergenerational ministries are a model for other congregations
     - we recognize that all we have comes from God and we share our gifts in the world
We make a difference:
We participate in over 40 mission programs such as ELCA World Hunger, Youth and Adult Mission trips, Urban Peak, Bonfils blood drive and Harrington Elementary.
We participate in over 75 ministries. There is something for everyone such as Choirs, Bible study groups, Vacation Bible School, Youth groups, Outreach and Mission Quilters.
And we take care of each other:
Other ministries help us take care of our church and one another such as the maintenance team, Shepherd's groups, Chefs for Christ, Prayer Tree and OWLS.
Click here to download a copy of our stewardship brochure.