Christ Lutheran Church
Sunday, March 29, 2020

Service Opportunities for Worship Services


Altar Guild –Service in the Altar Guild ministry is a joyful and respectful way to show your love and honor of the One who loves. The duties (tasks) of the Altar Guild include: Sacristy Care, Sanctuary Decoration, Communion Preparation and Clean-up and Bread Baking for Communion. 



Greeters – This team of volunteers greets each member or visitor as they arrive for services.




Readers and Assisting Ministers – Lectors read the lesson(s) at the service of their choice. 

Training Video for Assisting Ministers and Readers.

Worship Teams – Serve as part of a team every third or fourth week during worship with ushering and assisting in Communion.  

Training Video for Worship Teams.


Sound and Projection Team

Training Video for Sound and Projection Team.