Christ Lutheran Church
Sunday, March 29, 2020

Faith Stepping Stones

Faith Stepping Stones are classes that are offered to youth and adults. In the Faith Stepping Stones Ministry, it is not a race, but a marathon of developing one's spiritual journey. We celebrate each step in this ministry.The relational ministry that happens is not superficial. Building relationships with God, peers, and people of different ages matters. It gives us hope, love, joy, and peace. It's about relationships within our families and the groups we call family.(Incarnational relationships are it!)
Please contact Pastor Ericfor more information or to let him know you are interested in attending one of the classes.

First Communion


First Bible

We invite youth who can read pretty well, and would like to receive instruction on how to use the Bible and navigate through it.(Third grade or above)

Baptism Classes

Both parents must attend the class to schedule a baptism at CLC. The class will cover the Baptism ceremony and a Baptism Bible Study. You will then work with the pastor to select the service of your choice to present/be presented to the congregation for Baptism.